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Get to Know Us

With K9 Leash Crew, we've got your canine companion's individual needs covered, giving you the freedom to tackle your day with ease. Whether you require a reliable dog walker, assistance with your dog's break, or an extra hand with training, rest assured. Your beloved pup is in capable hands—exercised, trained, nurtured, and entertained. No matter where your schedule takes you, focus entirely, knowing your dog is receiving the best care.

Join us on the Time To Pet App to get started today!


At K9 Leash Crew, we understand your dog's unique requirements and value your time. To ensure the best fit, we begin with a personalized meet & greet, getting acquainted with your pup's specific needs. Plus, embark on a one-month trial of our walks, allowing your dog to get to know the crew!

To make your life easier, we offer automatic recurring services for those with consistent schedules.

This hassle-free option takes one more task off your to-do list.

If automatic services aren't your preference, our book-as-needed services grant you full control over your scheduling. We recommend booking your as-needed services well in advance to secure your preferred time slot.

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