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Silverado’s Story

Meet Silverado! He came to us 12 days ago, having a hard time with fear and reactivity after a bad experience at another daycare.

He was explosively uncomfortable with meeting new dogs, sometimes going into full-on panic, barking and baring teeth.

On our second walk, he pulled SO hard trying to go after some birds he actually broke his leash!

The thing is, he's a TOTAL sweetheart. We knew he needed a lot of help, despite his obedience being so on point.

We started by gently exposing him to his fears and building his confidence. He REALLY didn't like meeting (or seeing or hearing) new dogs, but after a week of steady work we were doing laps around the fence of a busy dog park on a loose leash! No barking, no lunging, no growling.

He still needs a lot of work, but I know we can do AMAZING things together over the next two weeks and give his family back their cuddle bug more confident and loveable than ever!

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