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Why your dog needs to be comfortable with a muzzle ...

For so many people, just the sight of a muzzle give the impression that the dog wearing said muzzle is dangerous.

That impression can create feelings of fear and worry when people hear about or witness a dog in a muzzle.

There is no denying that when many people see a muzzled dog, they envision the likes of a Hannibal Lecter character..

But, muzzles are not just for aggression anymore!!

It's about time to get rid of those negative feelings. Rather than swearing off muzzles forever, it's time to appreciate muzzles for all the good things they can do for dogs!

If your dog has never worn a muzzle or been made to feel comfortable with one, there is a good chance that having one placed on their face abruptly could cause future handling issues.

• Rewarding with food placed in the base of the muzzle is a great way to start off. This way you encourage your dog to put the muzzle on without hesitation.

You’ll want to introduce this tool slowly by using very short sessions to begin with. We don’t want to intimidate the dog by forcing them into an exercise before they get use to wearing it. 2-3 minutes with lots of treats & then take the muzzle off & further reward with their favourite thing to play with!

The number one reason to teach every dog how to comfortably wear a muzzle is for your dogs safety and well-being in an emergency situation.

If your dog is ever injured having them comfortable with a muzzle can prevent a bite.

If your dog bites someone at the vet, even if your dog is in pain, that bite is usually reported to the local Animal Control agency. As a result, in most places your dog will have to be placed in quarantine for approximately 10 days.

Keep in mind that if your dog is injured or in pain, placing a muzzle on before you try to move them or transport them may also prevent a bite to you or to anyone else trying to help your dog get safely to a vet.

The number two reason to have your dog adjusted to wearing a muzzle is for the safety and well-being of your dog when interacting with new people, animals, & in new environments.

The use of a muzzle has been an important tool when/if a dog is reactive.

The muzzle allows you to be safe as you work with dogs, or around people, this will prevent your dog from biting, giving you peace of mind in situations that normally make you anxious or tense.

Muzzles are also a valuable safety tool when introducing another species to your dog! 🐰

ALSO .. not to keep bragging about all the benefits of the muzzle ... (sorry not sorry)

Traveling with your dog is still another reason for teaching your dog to love a muzzle!!

More and more countries now require dogs of certain types and/or weights to wear muzzles.

A ruined vacation might be in your future if you travel with your dog and have not taught your dog to enjoy wearing a muzzle...


France, requires a muzzle on any large breed dogs! 🐕

These are just a few main points were a muzzle can be an amazing way to keep your dog with you at all times and not risk quarantine after a bite or high prices to board while you go away!

Think about it & let me know if you want help!

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