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Board and Train Options

We strive to bring harmony to the human-canine relationship through training that addresses the physical, social and psychological needs of dogs as individuals; educating their human families and creating a supportive community of people who understand each other. Your pets’ health, diet, safety and happiness are our top priorities when you join our community.


Puppy Preschool 

Your puppy will spend 2 weeks boarding with us at our facility learning sit, Stay, Down, Eye contact, and Recall ! 

You will attend two lessons during their stay, and two lessons after they go home for a total of 4 lessons included in this package. We will teach you how to up keep all of the work we do over the boarding experience. 

They must be between the Ages of 3 months - 5 months old to attend this level of board and train.


We will also cover housetraining, socializing, and crate training to make sure they go home a little more confident than they came in. 


This Program is $1200 

please contact to book an consultation for this service. 

Mind Your Manners 

Your dog will spend 4 weeks boarding with us at our facility learning how to be a better canine citizen.


We will focus on Counter surfing, Barking, Digging, Jumping up as well as Basic obedience and Pulling on the leash while your dog stays with us over 28 days.


This program is especially good for dogs of any age who need Confidence building or tend to get Overly excited/hyper by everyday life. 


Owners will get 6 lessons total; Once a week you will come learn about the progress your dog is making & when they head home you will get two follow up lessons to ensure everything is going smoothly. 

This program is $2750

Please contact us to book a consultation for this service. 



Reactive Rover

If your dog has a bite history or is a bite risk this is the only program available to address this issue.


Your dog will spend 6 weeks with us in order to get lunging, barking, biting & any other signs of aggression under control. We will also cover resource guarding & Separation anxiety in this program.  Issues such as pulling on lead, impulse control & recall will be included in this package. Your dog will be conditioned to the muzzle during their stay.

Dogs who are experiencing fearfulness or frustration are having a hard time, they are not giving you a hard time on purpose. It is our job to help your dog make better decisions through the use of positive associations. 

Over the 6 weeks you will be given 5 lessons with 5 remaining lessons to follow up in your home after your dog returns home. 

This program costs $3750

Please contact us to book a consultation for this service. 

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