Bull Terriers

These cute looking terriers original came from a combination of bulldogs & terriers!

Bull terriers are mainly ratter working dogs, steaming from the terrier in them. There wasn’t even a distinction in size until 1913; when the miniature bull terrier was introduced,they were just classified by their mix and drive to hunt rats for a job.

These dogs are short but strong & muscular. With an egg shaped head their dark eyes & nose stand out when looking at them. They can come in a variety of colours from white to brindle & occasionally black/red & white.

Bull terriers only get up to be about 35 lbs, but needless to say they are fearless & fun loving!

Like the bulldog they are cheerful, loyal companions that do well with children & other animals.

It’s important to implement training with them to keep control of their strong drives to work. These dogs love attention & socialization so it’s imperative for them to have social, dedicated owners.

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