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Dear Dog Owners

Dear new Puppy Parents,

We want to warn you about something.

We meet A LOT of amazing dog owners; great people who love their dog, have successful careers & families too. They work super hard to give their fur babies the best life possible & have a clear vision of what they want.

So...can you guess what we want to warn you about?

Probably not, & that's ok. Even the best of us fall into this trap and to be honest, it's not obvious and we don't really know if it's ANYONE's fault.

According to the American CDC, there was a 139% increase in hospitalization due to dog bites between 2001and 2016. Yet over this same period pet ownership increased only 7%. So what gives?

Between our busier than ever lifestyles, fewer nuclear families & increased influence of social media over our worlds, something about the understanding we have when it comes to responsible dog ownership has been lost.

More people seem to have unrealistic expectations of what their dog can do while simultaneously spending less & less quality time with their pups.

We want your help stopping this NOW! We have your back & the last thing we want is for social pressure, government regulations or unintended consequences of doing what everyone else seems to be doing to stop you & your precious pooch from having the freedom to have a great relationship & a deeply integrated lifestyle.

What do you need to do? All you need to do is accept our offer of help. We want to show you what's possible & make the world a better place for ALL dogs! We want to shatter the belief that the archetypal "good dog" got that way because of DNA & a little love.

We want to guide as many people as we can toward a full understanding of what goes into the perfect pup so more people can actually experience this magical bond the way they always dreamed! The more people we influence together to break away from belief in the Hollywood typecasted family dog, the more good boys & girls will have happy lives, the more places dogs will be welcome, & the less fearful consequences of bad behaviour we will see (think Breed-Specific Legislation for example!) in the world at large!

You can do this & we're right here beside you.

Yours Truly,

Jenna, Eric & Rza

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