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Why does your dog hate thunderstorms?

Did you know thunderstorms & fireworks are the most common reason for dogs to run away?

The loud noise can leave your dog trembling with fear.

Noises like gunshots, cars, dryers or trash bags can startle your dog & act as anxiety triggers.

Approximately 20% of dogs of all ages suffer from noise phobias. When these triggers occur dogs can have a panic attack that can result in attempted escapes through doors or windows or under gates.

Living like this is a poor quality of life for a dog & can lead to injury or death.

Not to mention the stress it puts on you & your family when real life situations that are uncontrollable like thunderstorms.

So what causes this in the first place?!

Dogs are instinctually sensitive to sound. The brain’s mechanism for awareness processes the noise to determine if it is an incoming danger.

So without the threat of predators that instinctual response gets heightened with unfamiliar noises.

Up to 90% of dogs that are scared of thunderstorms are also scared of other noises. Fears become entwined when not addressed!

Don’t wait to get help with this issue

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